1940’S Styled Motorcycles & Mopeds

1940s style motorcycles are known for their simple looks and no nonsense performance. These bikes are usually painted in a single color and have features that are replicas of gas tanks and handlebars that are characteristic of the 1940s.

Sportster Forty-Eight XL1200X

The Harley Davidson Sportster Forty-Eight is a cruiser style motorcycle that is modeled in the 1940s fashion. This motorcycle has a 73.3 cubic inch twin-cylinder engine that is capable of producing 79 foot-pounds of torque. The peanut shaped, 2.1 gallon gas tank first appeared on Harley motorcycles in 1948.

Triumph Thunderbird Storm

The Thunderbird Storm is a simple 40s styled motorcycle produced by the British company Triumph. This motorcycle has a 1,699 cc engine that is liquid cooled. This motorcycle has parallel-twin cylinders and a double overhead camshaft.

Vespa GTV 300

The Vespa GTV 300 gets its vintage looks from the mopeds and scooters of the 1940s. The engine has a four-stroke cycle and uses a single cylinder. The cylinder capacity is 278 cc and its maximum speed is 76 miles an hour.