1946 Harley Trike Specifications

The 1946 Servi-Car was a trike developed by Harley-Davidson, a vehicle manufacturer famous for producing cruiser motorcycles. The three-wheeled motorcycle was first introduced in 1932 and survived for 41 years before production ended in 1973. This 1946 model of the Servi-Car was on sale alongside the Harley-Davidson Knuckle Head chopper.


The trike is powered by a V-2 engine, meaning that two cylinders are positioned side by side and angled outwards at a 45-degree angle. On both cylinder heads there are two valves (four valves total). There is also one ignition and one fuel spark per cylinder. The engine has a 44.97-cubic-inch displacement — the volume of the space where a piston moves when completing a stroke from top dead center (TDC) to bottom dead center (BDC). It is also a four-stroke, so in each rotation of the Harley’s crankshaft the intake, power, compression and exhaust strokes all occur. The engine possesses an external oil reservoir for lubrication, known as a dry sump. The valves are positioned in the engine block, called a flathead engine design (common in early engines). The engine is also transverse, meaning the crankshaft axis is placed at a right angle to the Harley’s long axis. The lift, timing and duration of the intake and exhaust is modified as the engine functions as a result of the trike’s variable valve timing (VVT).

Brakes and Suspension

A cartridge front suspension system is tasked with delivering a smoother journey for the Harley-Davidson rider. Drums placed at the front and rear of the 1946 trike are on hand to put the brakes on the Servi-Car.

Other Features

An air cooling system maintains the engine’s temperature. A carburetor delivers the fuel to the engine. A three-speed manual transmission sends the engine’s muscle into the wheels of the Harley. The machine is literally kicked into action via a kick-starter system. The trike is also equipped with a cable-operated throttle. The one-person vehicle has a steel double-cradle frame. The fuel tank holds 5 gallons.