1950s Garagethemed Rooms

A 1950’s garage style can liven up any room.

A retro 1950’s garage theme can be a good decorating theme for any room. In general, look for furniture that has design elements from ’50’s cars like bright colors and shiny chrome. Hang 1950’s style garage signs for gasoline, soda and other products. Many decor accessories like lamps and vases are available that have a 1950’s theme. Does this Spark an idea?


For a 1950’s garage-themed kitchen, choose kitchen appliances in bright colors with chrome accents. Chrome fixtures will also contribute to a garage feel. Plates printed with people in 1950’s clothing or classic cars can be ideal design elements to contribute to your theme. If you are remodeling your kitchen, white ceramic tiles will create a classic backdrop for decor accessories and appliances. To tie in the garage theme, install a steel backsplash.

Dining Room

Furniture that has chrome and upholstery like 1950’s cars will give your dining room a ’50’s feel. Upholstery choices include vinyl and faux leather, and colors range from baby blue to bright red. When shopping, look for ’50’s diner chairs or retro-style laminate and steel kitchen tables with chrome legs. Wall decorations that will give a garage feel include chrome hubcaps, toy cars or motorcycles and metal signs.

Living Room

When decorating a larger room like a living room, you can use larger decor items like antique gas pumps or even motorcycle parts. When remodeling, think of the materials that would be in a retro garage. Concrete floors will instantly give a garage look, but you can also use tiles in a black and white pattern or a concrete gray color. Choose couches and chairs that have a similar look to seats in classic cars, including features like piping and upholstery channels. Vinyl or faux leather upholstery also makes for easy cleanup. Hang wall art with pictures of classic cars or 1950’s pinup models with cars.


A 1950’s style garage can also be a fun theme for a bedroom. You can achieve this look by simple changes like bed linens and wall decorations, or you can completely remodel your room. Wall decorations with classic cars, hubcaps or pinups can create a theme, and you should look for curtains and bed linens in ’50’s patterns and colors or printed with ’50’s cars. Materials like diamond-patterned steel, black lacquer and bright paint colors can transform walls and floors.


Since bathrooms are often smaller than other rooms, work your 1950’s garage theme into functional items like shower curtains, towels or bathroom accessories like soap holders. Shower curtains printed with classic cars and towels with bright matching colors can help create the theme, and you can also find accessories featuring car wheels, classic cars or motorcycles. One or two retro garage signs can also look good in a bathroom. As in the kitchen, fixtures should be chrome.