1999 Harley Davidson Colors

You’ll look great on a Harley no matter what color you choose.

Harley Davidson is one of the most popular and most lucrative motorcycle companies in the world. In 1999 it used 10 different colors for its motorcycles. Each color was specifically designed for Harley Davidson motorcycles and each gives the motorcycle an outstanding look and feel.


In 1999 Harley Davidson used two blue colors for its motorcycles. Cobalt Blue Pearlcoat 191058 is a cool, slightly desaturated blue. The other blue color Harley Davidson used in 1999 is the Sinister Blue Pearl 190524 — a deep blue color.


There were two red colors used on Harleys in 1999, Lazer Red Pearl 75129 and Scarlet Red 72095. The Lazer Red color is a sharp red tone. The Scarlet Red color is not as pronounced as the Lazer Red, but it is infused with some orange tones.

Other Colors

Besides red and blue, Harley Davidson used six other colors on its motorcycles in 1999. Aztec Orange Pearlcoat 61889 is a subdued orange color close to matching a desert stone. As its name implies, Birch White 90303 matches the color of a birch tree. That is to say a dull white color, which is different than the brighter Diamond Ice Pearlcoat 37056 shade of white that Harley used in 1999. The only green color Harley used that year was the Mystique Green 47981, a light shade of green. Nugget Yellow 83735 is a flat shade of yellow. Finally, Violet Pearl 52111 was also used by Harley that year and is a dark purple color.