2003 Suzuki Volusia Anniversary Edition Specs

The Suzuki Volusia Anniversary Edition came standard with an 805-cc engine.

Suzuki produced the 2003 Volusia (VL) 800 Anniversary Edition as a limited-edition U.S. model, indicated by an American Suzuki 40th Anniversary emblem on the motorcycle’s upper triple clamps. Other than color schemes and trim, the anniversary edition’s technical specifications mirror that of the regular edition.


The 2003 VL Anniversary Edition has a water-cooled, single overhead cam (SOHC), eight-valve, V-twin engine that produces 52 horsepower at 6,000 rpm. The VL also has a five-speed transmission with a high fifth-gear ratio for highway cruising. The VL has a coil spring, telescopic, oil-damped front suspension; and an oil-damped, link-type, seven-way adjustable spring load rear suspension.


The 2003 Suzuki VL has an overall length of 98.2 inches, a width of 38.8 inches, a height of 43.4 inches and a wheelbase of 65.4 inches. The VL’s seat sits 27.5 inches above the ground, and the VL has a ground clearance of 5.5 inches.


Suzuki introduced the 2003 VL Anniversary Edition in March and April 2003, with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $6,599 at release.