2005 Harley Road King Oil Change Instructions

Revered American motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson’s Road King model is a popular choice among enthusiasts who value style and comfort in a touring bike. One of the 2005 Road King‘s features is the ability to get nearly 50 miles per gallon on the open road. But in order to get the most from the bike, a little TLC is required. Changing the oil is required every few thousand miles, but luckily it’s a do-it-yourself project that can keep the King in prime running condition.


1. Prop the bike on its stand and slide an empty drip pan underneath the oil plug. Slowly remove the oil plug and allow the spent oil to drain into the drip pan until the drip is non-existent. This may take some time, depending on how many quarts you had in the engine at the time of maintenance. Pull the crush washer from the plug’s tip and replace it with a new washer.

2. Wipe off any residue on the oil filter’s screen while you wait for the old oil to drain. Use the oil filter wrench to safely remove the old filter by unscrewing it in a clockwise manner; be sure to remove the O-ring which accompanies the filter. If need be, use a flathead screwdriver to pop the ring free.

3. Dab a small bit of new oil onto the O-ring and replace it. Place a new oil filter in place inside the oil screen. Re-screw the oil filter back into place and replace the oil plug. Place the narrow end of a plastic funnel into the oil intake valve and slowly pour 2 of the 4 quarts of oil into engine.

4. Start the Road King‘s engine and allow it to run for about 5 minutes to heat the new oil and allow it to run through the engine. Turn the engine off to let it cool; afterwards, pour the last two quarts of oil into the engine and replace the oil cap.