2008 Cross Bones Specs

The 2008 Crossbone is a Harley-Davidson motorcycle that retailed new for $16,800. Like the majority of Harleys, it is a chopper-style bike with the handlebars in front of the driver. It is designed for cruising on highways and other open roads — it is not as maneuverable as smaller bikes and scooters.


The 1.6-liter engine has two cylinders arranged in a V pattern. It uses a four-stroke ignition cycle and it is air-cooled.

It has four valves, two on each cylinder, which are arranged in a horizontal pattern. It starts electrically and takes premium fuel.

Engine Performance

The engine compresses fuel at a 9.2:1 ratio. This translates into the ability to create up to 88 foot-pounds of torque. It gets 34 miles to the gallon in the city and 54 on the highway, which makes it substantially more efficient than the vast majority of cars.

It has six speeds and a manual transmission.

Exterior Specs

The 2008 Crossbone weighs 700 pounds and is 90 inches long. Aesthetically, the LA Times reviewer found it very pleasing, with its straight-shot exhaust and Dutch trim. It does not come with a windshield, which the same reviewer found frustrating, particularly on the open road.


As with most motorcycles, the transmission is manual. It has six speeds and uses a belt transmission, meaning the engine is connected to the wheels through a flexible belt. This is as opposed to the chain transmission that some other motorcycles use, and it requires substantially less maintenance as it has fewer moving parts.