2010 Harley Davidson Iron 883 Specs

The 2010 Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883 is packed with features that serve the rider and the road. It is available with two factory color options: Black Denim, which makes the bike appear blacked-out and highlights the metal and chrome accessories, and Brilliant Silver Denim, which casts a silvery color on the fuel tank and fenders.

Size, Dimensions and Fuel

The 2010 Sportster Iron 883 has a total length of 85.8 inches with a wheelbase of 60 inches. Laden seat height comes in at 25.3 inches, while unladen seat height is slightly taller at 26.3 inches. Its ground clearance hits at 3.9 inches.

The Iron 883 weighs 548 lb., while the running order weight is 565 lb. The bike has a 3.3-gallon fuel tank and takes 91-octane or higher fuel. It has a 2.8-quart oil capacity. It has an electronic sequential port fuel injection fuel system. In the city, the bike’s estimated to get 45 mpg, but on the open highway, it’s estimated to get 60 mpg.

Power, Chassis and Tires

The air-cooled, rubber-mounted 883 cc Evolution engine produces 55 foot-pounds of torque at 3,500 rpm and has a total displacement of 53.9 cubic inches. Bore and stroke is measured at 3 inches and 3.812 inches, respectively, and the compression ratio is 8:9:1. The engine is also powder-coated in black, and the rocker covers are blacked-out.

The overall gear ratios are 10.782 for first; 7.702 for second; 5.728 for third; 4.748 for fourth and 4.071 for fifth. The front tire for the Iron 883 is a black 100/90-19 57H with 13 cast-aluminum spokes and the rear tire is a black, 13-spoked 150/80B16 71H.

Dual-piston front brakes and single-piston rear brakes give the rider the stopping power, while the straight-cut shorty, dual-muffler exhaust gives the classic Harley sound.

Rider’s Features

Many of the Iron 883’s features are for the comfort and convenience of the rider, as well as for the overall look and ride of the Harley Sportsters. Mid-mounted footpegs allow for a “sporty” riding position, while the handlebars are mounted drag-style and give the bike a low-profile look. Harley also touts the bike as one for riders of “all sizes and experience,” and it gave the 883 low suspension in both the front and the rear to allow for greater stability and comfort.

The instruments on the 883 include a handlebar-mounted speedometer, LED indicator lights and an engine diagnostics readout. High beam, turn signals, low fuel, low battery and neutral are examples of the bike’s indicator lamps.