A Border To Adobe Photoshop Elements 8

Adding a border to a picture in Photoshop is quite easy

Borders call attention to the images they surround. Take advantage of that fact by using Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 to add borders to your pictures. By completing this project after optimizing image exposure with the new “Photomerge exposure” tool, you can create even more compelling images. To add a border with Elements 8, load the picture to which you want to add a border; select the outline of the image; expand the outline with the “Border” command; then fill the border with a pattern.


1. Click the “File” menu, then click the “Open” command. Navigate to the image to which you’d like to add a border, then double-click the image to load it for editing.

2. Click the lasso icon on the tool palette to run the “Lasso” selection tool, then click the mouse on an image portion through which you want the border to run. For example, if you want to create a border around a person, click a place on the image where the person’s image meets the picture’s background.

3. Drag the mouse around the object to which you want to add the border, then release the mouse to complete the selection. Click the “Select” menu, then click “Modify.” Click “Border” to open a dialog box for specifying a border width.

4. Type a number between 15 and 150 to indicate the border’s width in pixels, then click “OK” to create the border from the selection you outlined in step 3.

5. Click the upper color swatch at the bottom of the tool palette. Elements will open a dialog box allowing you to specify a foreground color. Click a color, then click “OK” to close the dialog box. The “Gradient fill” tool will blend the color you chose into the background color, which you’ll pick next.

6. Click the lower color swatch at the bottom of the tool palette, then use the previous step’s instructions to choose a background color for the “Gradient fill” tool.

7. Click the tool palette‘s multi-colored rectangle to run the “Gradient fill” tool. Click the first dropdown list above the canvas to open the “Gradient picker” window, then click an icon for the gradient style you want for the border.

8. Click the mouse above the border you made in step 4, then drag the mouse down until the mouse cursor is below the border. Release the mouse to add the gradient fill and complete the border.