About Adding Local Hd Channels To Direct Tv

DirecTV, a satellite television provider, gives subscribers access to local high definition (HD) stations through a variety of HD programming plans, according to its official website. In order to receive local stations in HD, DirecTV subscribers will need to accomplish three important steps, plus make sure their television hardware is capable of capturing the signal.

High Definition Television

HD TV refers to the broadcast picture quality. DirecTV HD displays in 1080p (progressive lines of resolution). In order to watch HD programming, you’ll need a television that displays in at least 720p, but most new televisions are equipped to display in 1080p.

Local Stations

Local stations are commonly considered the over-the-air broadcasting stations in your area, which includes ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX. These stations can be watched without subscribing to cable by using an antenna to catch the signal, though you must now have a digital converter box, even with an antenna, to watch these stations. DirecTV offers access to local channels in 89 percent of U.S. homes, according to DirecTV’s official site. The site offers a menu in which you can determine if access to HD signals for local stations is offered in your area. Eligibility is based on service address.

HD receiver

It is necessary to install a DirecTV HD receiver in order to watch local HD programming. DirecTV’s HD receiver comes in two versions–one with a digital video recorder (DVR) and one without, according to its website.


DirecTV subscribers must also have an HD-ready HD programming package. In this case, the HD programming access is added to whatever plan you already have. HD programming is available on DirecTV’s Family, Choice, Choice Xtra and Premier packages. DirecTV provides subscribers access to local HD channels in all four plans.


DirecTV subscribers who want HD will pay a $10 access charge for HD programming each month. That charge includes access to local HD programming.