About After Market Oil Pumps For Harley Davidson Motorcycles

After-market oil pumps for Harley Davidson motorcycles are available at some motorcycle parts stores and online. They allow you to do your own custom work on an important part of your ride. An oil pump is visible on most Harleys, and that means more surface area to cover in chrome. Putting on a new after-market oil pump also gives your bike a performance lift.


Oil pumps are the muscle behind your lube system. They pump oil to vital engine parts like the pistons, and they keep everything running smoothly. Not all oil pumps are equal. Some after-market parts are made from high-quality metals that won’t crack, rust or corrode, and that means better performance and more reliability.


An after-market oil pump takes power from the battery and uses it to push oil through your engine. This means it needs to connect to your existing oil lines. Most after-market oil pumps connect with both steel and rubber oil lines on Harley Davidson bikes. All you need to do is hook them up. With other improvements over the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) pumps, new pumps can improve the looks and performance of your bike and allow easier usability.


An after-market oil pump can have many benefits, like shorter relief valves, which relieve oil pressure when necessary. This can allow you to attach other components to the bike. Many are also designed to have a better look and are made with higher-quality billet aluminum. The biggest benefit is the fact that you get to customize your bike by buying an oil pump that fits the character of your bike.


After-market oil pumps are designed to fit several types of engines used on Harley Davidsons and usually fit a series of engines (e.g., the 36-99 Big Twin). They also have the same bolt patterns as your bike so they can be easily attached, and a few have bolt patterns that match both old and new Harley Davidsons.


These oil pumps usually come with everything you need to put them on your bike, but always make sure. A good after-market oil pump should have the gaskets, O-rings and cover. It might also include supply and return gears, drive shaft with keys and snap rings, pressure relief valve, check ball and the springs that go with them, release valve cover screws and other miscellaneous fittings. If it doesn’t come with these, you may need to buy an oil pump kit assembly, because your old oil pump gaskets and screws should probably be replaced, too.