About Bathroom Pictures & Decorations

Add your own pictures and decor to make your bathroom one of a kind.

If you’ve just moved into a new home, or want to change some decorative accents in your bathroom, you can start by adding some things to the walls. Additional accessories can help to complement your new wall decor for an eye-catching bathroom space that you’ll find welcoming. Does this Spark an idea?

Wall Pictures

Select a large print to place on the main wall of the bathroom that matches your color scheme or decorative theme. If you’ve decorated your bathroom with tulips, choose a picture that shows the vivid color of the flowers and complements the shower curtain or linens. For a black-and-white bathroom, download a picture of your favorite bathroom design from online, convert it to black and white, and place the enlarged version in a black frame before putting it on the wall.

Smaller Pictures

Use small pictures of items from your decor theme to place on the bathroom shelves or on the back of the toilet. Frame a dried single flower or plant for a nature-inspired theme, or take a picture of a sailboat or rubber duckie to house in your frame to keep the theme consistent.

Additional Decor

Make sure that all your bathroom decor is in the same color scheme, even if you can’t buy a ‘set’ of small accents with the same design. For instance, if you’re using reds and bronzes, purchase a bronze toilet brush holder and bronze toothbrush cups to complement the red towels and rugs in the bathroom.