About Direct Tv Hd Dishes

You just bought a big, beautiful 42-inch plasma television and are ready to set it up when you realize that you haven’t subscribed to HD service. You’re happy with DirecTV but aren’t sure that you even have the right satellite dish. Here’s a look at DirecTV HD satellite dishes so you can determine exactly what you need.


In order to receive all of the latest HD channels from DirecTV, you’ll need a 5-LNB dish. This is one of the basic HD requirements in addition to the appropriate HD receiver, BBC converter module and HD television and connections.


DirecTV dishes installed before October 2005 were NOT 5-LNB dishes. If your dish was installed before this date, contact DirecTV and request a new dish. The newest 5-LNB dishes have “Slimline” written inside the dish bowl and also have a distinct horizontal LNB component. Older 5-LNB dishes had 2 separate LNB sections. For pictures and the most updated dish information follow the Directv link below.


If you do not have the right dish, order from DirecTV Both the new dish and the installation are free. Simply call DirecTVat (800) 531-5000 and say “order new equipment” at the prompt. You can also discuss any other equipment you may need.


A 5-LNB entails specific technical configuration and requires professional installation, according to DirecTV’s website. Contact Directv at the number above to set up an appointment.


DirecTV satellite dishes are an excellent option for a variety of national HD channels. You’ll get the crisp picture and sound that HD is known for and enjoy an enhanced product.


Older models of satellite dishes like the 3-LNB dish will offer some HD reception. Upgrading to the 5-LNB dish is the option to receive all of the latest HD channels.