About Doityourself Wallpaper


Do-it-yourself wall paper has secured its place in history as one of the most widely used wall coverings. It provides patterns and scenarios that are rivaled by no other decorative practice. Although there are professional wallpaper applicators, the norm has been, from long ago, to do it yourself. Do-it-yourself wallpapering is not difficult once you get the basics down, and, with a little practice, you can do a single room in as little as 1 day. Does this Spark an idea?


Wallpaper comes in two types: as a pre-pasted covering in which the glue is already dried or without paste. For the second type, you must brush on the paste.


Select the tools necessary for do-it-yourself wallpaper. You will need a water tub the width of the wallpaper so you can dip the pre-pasted wallpaper into water. (This won’t be necessary for wallpaper that is not pre-pasted.) You will need a sharp razor knife, a straight edge for holding and pressing edges, a seam roller for flattening seams between the paper, a squeegee for rubbing out air bubbles, a work surface large enough for laying out the wallpaper, a tape measure and a pair of scissors.


Applying the wall paper can be done in several steps. You will need to clean the wall, measure the paper and cut the length, remembering to leave 1 inch for trimming. Run the paper through water or apply the paste to the backside, fold the paper end to end and allow to set for 5 minutes. Apply the paper to the wall, work out any bubbles with the squeegee and trim the ends to fit neatly.