About Harley Davidson Art

About Harley Davidson Art

Harley Davidson, an iconic brand of motorcycles, has been a favorite among motorcycle enthusiasts for decades. Thanks to its many die-hard fans, Harley Davidson art has grown in popularity. Motorcycle lovers and artists are uniting to create many different pieces of art honoring the brand. Art collectors are taking notice, and as interest continues to rise the value and quality of the art will improve as well.


The Harley Davidson Motor Company was founded in Milwaukee in 1901. The originators of the company, William Harley and Arthur Davidson, built what is now the most popular motorcycle in American history. Today, the Harley Davidson culture in America is apparent in most parts of the country. Statistically speaking, the typical Harley Davidson enthusiast is a man approximately 45 years old and in the upper-middle class.


Much of the Haley Davidson art features detailed looks at the classic bikes in the company’s long history. Hundreds of artists and photographers are helping to create an impressive collection of quality pieces that give viewers a look at the different bike models as well as the many types of people that have owned Harley Davidson bikes.


Many types of Harley Davidson art are available. A large selection of gallery art, which is an assortment of framed paintings and photographs, is on the open market. Additionally, a large variety of Harley Davidson poster art has been created, much of which have been featured in some of America’s top motorcycle magazines. Collectors and fans can also buy vintage artifacts, glass art, ceramic models, sculptures and clothing art.


All Harley Davidson art collectors should make sure to purchase authentic and certified art. Many independent artists like Ron Segal, Scott Jacobs, Frank Schott and Gene Anthony produce one-of-a-kind paintings and prints that are very valuable. Don’t be fooled by the knockoffs—they don’t hold much value. If you currently have a piece of art, getting it authenticated increases its value tremendously. To get Harley Davidson art authenticated, take it to an art appraiser. The American Society of Appraisers has a website, Appraisers.org, that can help locate an art appraiser in your area.


As a cherished American icon, the Harley Davidson will always remain a part of American life. As a result, the value of the authentic art will continue to rise. Therefore, collecting this type of art will satisfy your love for the great bikes as well as create a nice nest egg.