About Power Wheels

About Power Wheels

Power Wheels is a popular line of miniature vehicles made for children to drive around. Packed with a variety of realistic features, these tiny cars have been amusing children for years. Currently, the Power Wheels line is still going strong, and its variety is continuing to grow.

Time Frame

The Power Wheels toy brand got its start in 1984 with the acquisition of Pines of America by Kransco. At the time, Pines of America, which was taken over by Kransco, manufactured battery-operated vehicles for young children. In 1986 the name was officially changed to Power Wheels, and its sales reached well over a million units yearly by 1990. The year 1994 brought the sale of the company to Mattel, thus giving the brand to Fischer Price.


Power Wheels vehicles for children come in a large variety, ranging from trucks and cars to Harley Davidson motorcycles. More advanced features have become available in Power Wheels over the years. Much like real vehicles, the cars have windshield wipers, radios and power-lock brakes. Some including opening doors and hoods. Most also have two separate speeds to travel in and a gear to go in reverse.


The original Power Wheels offered the standard cars and trucks to choose from. When ownership changed hands to Fischer Price, the Harley Davidson motorcycle was introduced. Recently miniature versions of actual cars are among the most popular in production. Models such as the Ford Mustang, Jeep Wrangler and Cadillac Escalade EXT have become widespread. With the release of Pixar’s movie “Cars,” Lighting McQueen, the movie’s star, was made into a Power Wheels car for children.


Power Wheels have had their share of safety issues over the years. A Porsche model was recalled in 1991 because the gas pedal could become stuck and the vehicle could not stopped. In 1998, close to 10 million units were recalled for repairs to prevent overheating. Battery fuses and connectors had to be changed to fix the problem, though unrepaired vehicles can still be found through auction sites like eBay.


Power Wheels offer an exciting product marketed to both entertain and teach children. It helps them to understand not only the basic parts of a car or truck but also the mechanics of driving. As the company continues to grow and advance, new brands of popular cars and other vehicles will become available and more features will be added to make the product more appealing and fun.