About Vintage Motorcycle Helmets

Vintage motorcycle helmets are popular among collectors of cycling memorabilia.

Straddling the boundaries between art, fashion and sports memorabilia, motorcycle helmets from decades past are collected by enthusiasts. Classic helmets have both aesthetic and historical value, making them appealing to a wide range of collectors. Vintage helmets can be found through a number of sources.

Historically Significant Helmets

Helmets from all eras can be collectible, but some of the most popular helmets were made and worn in the 1960s and during World War II.


Depending on factors such as scarcity of a particular model and condition, a vintage motorcycle helmet can demand a price anywhere from $10 to several hundred dollars.

Where To Buy

Many vintage helmets are available via online auction sites and online retailers at any given time. Although stumbling on a classic helmet in a local antique store is less likely than finding one online, there are treasures to be found locally as well. Always be sure you know the value of a helmet you are considering purchasing and that you can be reasonably certain of its authenticity before buying.