Access Hd Dta 1080d

TVs that were manufactured before March 1, 2007, do not have digital tuners built into them. Therefore, after February 17, 2009, these TVs stopped receiving a signal due to the digital TV transition that took place nationwide. The Access HD DTA1080D is a digital converter box that helps you keep your TV up and running, and it gives you a better and cleaner picture and cleaner sound.


1. Plug the cable running from your current antenna into the coaxial jack on the back of your HD DTA1080D digital converter box. The coaxial jack for the antenna is to the far left side of the converter box and says “ANT.IN.”

2. Plug the coaxial cable that came with your HD DTA1080D digital converter box into the “In” coaxial jack on the back of your television. Plug this same cable to the “RF Out” coaxial jack located on the back of your digital converter box, beside the antenna coaxial jack.

3. Connect the electrical plug that came with your digital converter in the “DC 6.6V IN” input on the back of the converter box. Connect the plug into an electrical outlet and turn on your TV. The box will run through an automatic set up process that will scan all your channels and digital signals, and program them into your box.