Add A Rear Bagger To My Husqvarna Rider Mower

If your grass is this high, use a rear bagger.

Many people get tired of having to rake up their grass clippings after mowing their lawn, especially those with a large yard. An easy way to fix this problem is by attaching a rear bagger to the tractor that sucks up the grass as it is cut. Most Husqvarna tractors, one of the most popular brands, can add a rear bagger. Does this Spark an idea?

Owner’s Manual

Check your owner’s manual. Look for the section on parts in the rear of the book. The bagger listed is the only official bagger that will fit the tractor. Baggers are tied to the size of the mower deck. If you have a 42-inch mower deck, then you get a 42-inch bagger. Some universal baggers may fit, but the official bagger will connect and work better.

Bagger Connector

The most common rear hitch is a metal plate with a 3/8 inch hole in the center. Some hitches are smaller holes. If they are, there might not be a bagger that fits on it. Most of the smaller hitch holes are on smaller tractors that have not been made in a long time. If your hitch is this one, then most baggers, including universal ones, will not fit on the tractor. Once you find the correct bagger, connect it by securing the latch on the bagger to the hitch on the back of the tractor.

Bagger Chute

Run the plastic chute from the mower deck chute to the rear bagger. The chute will throw the grass into the bagger while you cut the yard. No more steps are needed to operate the bagger while the tractor is in operation.


The bagger will be need to be dumped by hand. Pull the bins off the bagger and dump the grass into a trash receptacle or wherever you want.