Adjust A Rear Brake Pedal On A Harley Road Glide

The brake pedal and right side of a Harley.

The original equipment connection between the rear brake pedal and the rear brake master cylinder on all Harley-Davidson Road Glides to date is completely mechanical and not hydraulic. The mechanical connection is the same whether your Road Glide is equipped with your original brake pedal or an aftermarket pedal.


1. Sit down next to the right side of your motorcycle and find the brake pedal.

2. Find the rear brake master cylinder which is approximately parallel to the bottom of the brake pedal and about two feet closer to the rear of the bike. Then find the metal rod that connects the two.

3. Loosen the jam nut that connects the rear brake cylinder to the brake rod by turning the nut counterclockwise with an open end wrench.

4. Turn the brake rod with an open end wrench fitted to the flattened section of the brake rod. Turn the rod clockwise to lower the pedal and counterclockwise to raise the pedal.

5. Tighten the jam nut by turning it clockwise when the brake pedal is adjusted to the proper height.

6. Inspect the cotter pin that locks the brake rod to the brake pedal assembly. Use pliers to replace the cotter pin if it is broken or very corroded.