Adjust Sound Volume In Final Cut Pro

It is often necessary to adjust the sound level of various clips in a video project to maintain a constant volume. Although complex sound editing is best handled through Soundtrack, Final Cut Pro can handle simple sound editing chores such as adjusting clip volume. Read on to learn adjust sound volume in Final Cut Pro.


1. Observe sound levels in the sound meter located on the bottom right corner of the screen. Most sound should measure between -12 and -6 on the meter and only flash quickly into the red zone during the loudest parts of the clip.

2. Link the two sound tracks being used in the Timeline if they are not already linked. If one can be selected without automatically highlighting the other as well, they are not linked. Select “One,” and then hold down the “Apple” key and select the other. Hold the “Apple” key and press the “L” key to link the two as a stereo pair.

3. Double click the linked pair to display the sound clips in the Viewer window. Locate the Level slide control and measurement window (which should read 0dB) centered at the top of the Viewer window.

4. Highlight the “0” in the measurement window and replace it. 3dB will increase the sound of the two clips will -3dB will lower it. Type in the new value, and then replay the clip in the Timeline, again watching the sound meter.

5. Continue to make further adjustments, if necessary, in 1dB increments until the sound level is consistent with the rest of the project.

6. Render and save the project before continuing.