Adjust The Clutch On My Harley Heritage

Unlike automobiles with a manual transmission, you must manually adjust the clutch on motorcycles like the Harley Davidson Heritage. Adjusting the clutch ensures soft clutch lever pulls and accurate shifting. As the clutch plates wear down, you must adjust the clutch inward to compensate. Clutch adjustment is accomplished in two places: the clutch lever and the clutch itself.


1. Locate the clutch lever adjuster on the clutch cable. The adjuster is secures to the frame’s front down tubes behind the front forks. A ribbed rubber cover covers the adjuster. Slide the cover upward to expose the adjuster. The adjuster consists of a threaded with a jam nut on the top end. Loosen the jam nut using a wrench and thread the adjuster downward to create “free play” in the clutch lever. The clutch lever should push into the handlebar grip without any resistance.

2. Remove the screws that secure the clutch cover plate onto the clutch housing. On the Heritage, the cover is round and the screws require Allen wrenches for removal. The cover plate is on the left side of the motorcycle.

3. Place an Allen wrench into the setscrew located in the center of the clutch and hold it steady while you loosen the jam nut that threads onto the setscrew using a wrench.

4. Back the jam nut off the setscrew several turns using your fingers. Turn the setscrew inward using the Allen wrench until it securely bottoms out inside the clutch.

5. Turn the setscrew a quarter turn counterclockwise and secure it by tightening the jam nut with a wrench. Do not allow the setscrew to move while you tighten the jam nut.

6. Place the clutch cover plate back onto the motorcycle using the screws and Allen wrench.

7. Turn lever adjuster counterclockwise until you have between ¼ inch and 3/8 inch free play in the clutch lever. Tighten the jam nut and slide the rubber cover back over the adjuster.