Adjust The Handlebars On A Yamaha V Star 650

Although the Yamaha V Star 650 was designed to fit a broad range of riders, some adjustments can be made to better accommodate your frame and stature. Adjusting the handlebar’s angle can extend or reduce your reach, improving the motorcycle’s ergonomics and providing a more comfortable ride. This small modification requires only a few tools, but may take a few attempts to find the right handlebar angle that will provide the most comfortable position for you.


1. Remove the plastic bolt covers from the handlebar riser clamps. Loosen the bottom bolt on both risers with an Allen key.

2. Sit on the motorcycle and lift it off of its kickstand, placing both hands on the handlebar. Sit normally and push or pull the handlebars slightly until you are comfortable with its position.

3. Tighten the handlebar riser’s bottom bolts with an Allen key. While still mounted on the motorcycle, lower it onto its kickstand and place both feet on the foot pegs. Grasp the handlebar and take note of any discomfort or excessive reach to the handlebar. Reposition the handlebars as needed until you are completely comfortable.

4. Tighten the handlebar riser‘s bolt completely with an Allen key and press the bolt covers into place.