Adjust The Low Idle On A Harley With Power Commander Iii

The Power Commander III is an addition to your Harley’s engine control unit that allows you to change the fuel delivery program in the low, middle and high range of the motorcycle’s power band. Harleys come from the factory with a program already installed, but you can’t change that program if you install new intake or exhaust equipment. With the Power Commander III, you have more control over the idle settings on your Harley. Adjusting the low idle is simple and straightforward, and you won’t need any tools to do the job.


1. Turn the ignition off.

2. Hold down all three buttons on the faceplate of the Power Commander III and turn the ignition on.

3. Release the buttons.

4. Push the button labeled “Low.”

5. Hold the button down to make the fuel/air mixture lean. Push it repeatedly to make the mixture richer. Note that you can’t make the mixture leaner than the factory settings.

6. Watch the two center lights. When they glow steadily, you have adjusted the idle.

7. Wait 20 seconds before starting the bike or turning the ignition off to save the idle setting. Verify that the setting has been saved by moving the throttle. The lights will move up and down the scale if the save was successful.