Adjust The Seat On A Harley Cross Bones

Harley-Davidson’s FLSTSB Crossbones was introduced to the public in 2008 to evoke the classic lines of the rigid-framed motorcycles that were popular during the late ’40s and ’50s while providing all the reliability and comfort of a modern machine. To fit this image, the Crossbones was equipped with a spring-suspended solo seat that offered some adjustability to fit different riders. The seat was adjusted via a two-position hinge and bracket that could move the seat closer to, or farther away from, the handlebars and footrests. Only a few simple tools are needed to make the adjustment; the results could spell the difference between a nice ride and a major pain in the behind.


1. Park the motorcycle on its side stand.

2. Grasp the rear of the seat and pull it upward to free the seat springs from the strut bracket running between both seat rails. Lift the seat into its fully raised position.

3. Remove the nut from the hinge under the front of the seat using a ratchet and a socket. Pull the seat off of the hinge.

4. Push the bolt out from the hinge mounting point at the bottom of the seat. Move the bolt into the hole adjacent to its original position. Moving the bolt toward the back of the seat will move the seat closer to the fuel tank and handlebar, while moving it toward the front of the seat will move it farther away. Place the seat over the hinge, then screw the mounting nut tightly into place.

5. Remove the bolts attaching the seat spring bracket to the bottom of the seat using a ratchet. Pull the spring bracket off of the seat, then flip it around to match the hinge position. If you have move the seat backward, flip the bracket so the bracket bolts will be offset toward the rear of the seat. Likewise, flip the bracket so the bolts are offset toward the front of the seat if the seat has been moved forward. Tighten the bracket bolts.

6. Lower the seat and push the seat springs firmly over the spring strut bracket.