Adult Party Gifts

Grown-up parties are the perfect venues for adults to relax and have fun. At your next adult soiree, give gifts to contest and game winners. Presenting guests with prizes will encourage some good-natured competition and make your party more exciting. Since adults will be attending, you can give some tongue-in-cheek, humorous gifts or useful trinkets. Does this Spark an idea?

Lashers and Flashers

Lasers are entertaining toys for kids and grown ups. Lasers are inexpensive little presents your guests can use. Give a handy laser pointer key chain. Writing pens can come with a laser tip, too. For a joke gift, give a laser pointer that gives the user a slight shock when he or she uses it. Flashing rings and necklaces make wonderful party accessories. Rings can be in star or heart shapes. Give a novelty flashing necklace with a smiley face or peace sign.

Tattoo Sleeves

For tattoo lovers who are not ready to make the commitment, tattoo sleeves will make the perfect prize. Tattoo sleeves are sheer gauntlets worn over your lower arms. Colored gauntlets look like tattoos. You can choose tattoo sleeves that have Koi fish images, Harley-Davidson emblems or something humorous like the word “Mother.” People can wear tattoo sleeves; just pay attention to the sizes.


Give your guests a soft, comfortable blindfold to use while they are sleeping. Sleeping blindfolds are made of cotton fabric and have comfortable elastic straps to keep the blindfold on. A sexier version of this blindfold is made of satin and is often pink, red or black. A sexy blindfold may have an elastic strap or have silk ribbon ties. Blindfolds are fun for couples to play with during times of intimacy. Give a gel-filled blindfold that your guest can use to comfort hot, tired eyes. Tell you guest to refrigerate the gel blindfold for a minute or two before using it to get maximum eye relief.

Shot Glasses

Adult party hosts sometimes serve a few cocktails to their guests. Shot glasses are the perfect party gift for guests. Give your friends a shot glass with some funny graphics on them. If your party has a holiday theme, give shot glasses with holiday images on them. A shot glass with shamrocks on them would be perfect for Saint Patrick’s Day. For Christmas, give Santa shot glasses to partygoers. Break up a shot glass set or give your partyers a set each. Have some shot glasses custom made for your shindig and give them away as mementos.