Aim A Directv Dish For Hd

Aiming your DirecTV dish antenna for your HD (high-definition) broadcast programming is an integral part of the satellite dish installation process. Luckily, there are no extra steps to aiming your dish for HD channels than there are for SD (standard-definition) channels, because the DirecTV satellite handles both programming formats simultaneously. Once you aim the dish at the DirecTV satellite appropriately, you will be able to receive those HD channels.


1. Loosen the adjustment nuts on the Azimuth measurement and Elevation measurement rulers on the main antenna assembly.

2. Go to the DirecTV Dish Pointer web page.

3. Enter your zip code into the “Find Elevation/Azimuth” entry box; then click “Check.” The Web page will return the proper coordinates for you to adjust your dish antenna.

4. Move the antenna assembly up or down to adjust the Elevation measurement ruler to match the coordinate from the Web page; then move the assembly left or right to adjust the Azimuth measurement ruler to match the coordinate from the Web page.

5. Tighten the adjustment nuts on both measurement rulers to hold the DirecTV dish assembly in place at those coordinates.