Align A New Hd Directv Dish

Align a New HD DirecTV Dish

Aligning a new HD DirecTV Dish can be a tedious process. Although it isn’t simple and is best performed with a friend to help, it can be accomplished without needing a satellite technician. You just need a couple of basic tools–a hand-held level and a wrench–and your HD DirecTV Dish satellite receiver.


1. Make sure the mounting area for your new HD DirecTV Dish is secure and level. Any issues with the mounting of the dish will interfere with correct alignment. Make sure the mounting area is free of clutter and also check the sky for any obstructions, such as power lines or trees. With the dish in place, make sure it’s level by checking along the mast of a dish with a hand-held level.

2. Adjust the HD DirecTV Dish and point it generally toward the southern sky. This doesn’t need to be an exact measurement since the DirectTV satellite dish above is located in the southern sector of the sky.

3. Connect the satellite receiver to your television by first locating the A/V cables. Standard A/V cables have three prongs on each end of the wire, each set being red, white and yellow. On the back/side of your television and on the back of the satellite receiver will be color-matching ports (red, white and yellow). Connect the prongs to these ports, matching up the colors.

4. Power on the receiver and your television. Once the system has booted up, select the “signal meter screen” option from the menu that appears. With this screen up, have someone stand by the television. Return to the dish outside.

5. Align the dish by adjusting the elevation–the up/down orientation of the dish. Take a wrench and loosen the nuts near the elevation bolts on the dish. (Refer to your manual for the specific location of the nuts on your model.) Once you’ve finished with the wrench, make very slight elevation adjustments. After each adjustment, wait for a report back from the signal meter screen, then make further adjustments as needed.

6. Align the dish by adjusting the azimuth–the left/right orientation of the dish. Again, take your wrench and locate the LNB dish arm nuts (consult your manual again). With these nuts loose, make the slight left/right adjustments, waiting for signal meter screen reports. Once you receive an overall reading of between 70 and 80 from the meter screen, your dish is correctly aligned.