Align An Expressvu Dish

The Bell Expressvu satellite service uses the Expressvu antenna dish to deliver broadcast programming to its subscribers across Canada. Aligning the satellite dish is an integral part of the whole satellite installation process. Using the Expressvu satellite receiver, you can set up the dish antenna to the appropriate alignment to receive the strongest satellite signal possible for your area. The process of aligning an Expressvu dish antenna is fairly straightforward.


1. Press the “Power” button on your Expressvu receiver remote control to turn the receiver on.

2. Press the “Program” button to open the “Program Settings” screen on your television; then use the “Up/Down” arrow buttons to scroll through the main menu to the “Satellite Setup” option. Press the “Enter” button.

3. Use the “Up/Down” arrow buttons to scroll to the “Satellite Scan” option; then press the “Enter” button. The receiver will run a satellite scan and the satellite position coordinates (in degree) will appear on the screen. Take note of the “Elevation” and “Azimuth” positions.

4. Loosen the adjustment nuts on the “Elevation” and “Azimuth” measurement rulers on the Expressvu dish assembly.

5. Move the dish assembly, up and down (elevation ruler) and left and right (azimuth), to adjust the Elevation and Azimuth rulers to match the measurements given by the satellite receiver.

6. Press the “Enter” button on the remote again to run the Satellite Scan once more. This time the scan will return the satellite strength. The screen should read “Strong” under “Satellite Signal.” If the screen does not show that there is a strong signal, slowly move the dish assembly until the screen show a strong signal.

7. Tighten the adjustment nut on the dish assembly.