Align The Front End Of A Harley Road King

You can check the alignment of the front end of the motorcycle with fishing string.

There is an easy and affordable method for aligning the wheels of your Harley Road King. You don’t need to go to a mechanic to do it; you can do it at home using fishing line or brightly colored string. Motorcycle wheels don’t need to be more accurate than about 0.5mm alignment, but using this method will help you align them as accurately as possible.


1. Position the bike on its center stand or use wood or stone blocks to support both sides.

2. Find the midpoint in the string. Pass it through the rear wheel, wrapping it across the trailing edge of the rear tire.

3. Run the string to the front wheel parallel to the ground. Pull the ends of the string forward to the front wheel.

4. Tape the two free ends of the string to the tread in the front tire where they meet. This will prevent the string from shifting or changing position. It will keep it tight and taut.

5. Bring forward the ends of the string. Turn the front wheel straight ahead. Get down on the ground in front of the front wheel. Inspect all the way down to the back tie. Pull the string ends taut.

6. Use one string end from the side of the front tire and draw it towards the tire. Look at where the string hits the sidewalls of the rear tire. Maneuver the string so that it touches the rear tire‘s sidewall. Repeat this step for the other side of the motorcycle.

7. Pull the string forward when the string is taut against the rear-tire sidewalls. The taut string pulled forward will create a reference for the rear wheel‘s alignment.

8. Inspect how the string looks against the front tire. Nudge the tire left or right to align it so that it is parallel to both sides of the string. Compare the distance of the string from one side to the other. The string should be parallel to the front wheel and be the same distance on each side.

9. Inspect the alignment. If the string is leaning to the right that means the rear wheel is leading to the right. Adjust the rear axle to straighten the wheel and align both tires.