Allison Pto Requirements For Ford

PTO is an acronym that stands for power take-off. A PTO is an assembly, composed primarily of a spinning shaft, which transmits power to other devices or mechanisms to which it connects. The Allison Company has manufactured many different model PTOs, specimens that have been used by many different auto makers. There are several model Allison PTOs that have been employed by Ford Motor Co.


Allison power take-offs typically relate to Ford trucks rather than other vehicles produced by that manufacturer. The requirements for the PTOs will vary given the year and model of the Ford truck involved. These Allison PTOs can and have been installed in some of Ford’s heaviest duty commercial or professional vehicles, which include but are not limited to, the L9000, F700, F800, C8000 and L8000. Most of the Ford trucks equipped with Allison PTOs were produced between the early 1980s and late 1990s.

Model Number Features

You can match the Ford truck — given year and model number — to a specific model number of Allison PTO. The model number is usually composed of the letters MT or MD followed by three or four digits. Given model number, there may also be another letter following the digits. Remember that model numbers are not necessarily specific to a manufacturer. In other words, a model number MD 3060 may be found in a Ford or a Freightliner as well. Additionally, there may also be several years of production for the same model number. The MD 3060, for instance, was made in 1996 and 2002.


Here is a list of some of the essential matches between Ford models and Allison PTO model numbers with the truck listed first and the PTO second. The 1996 L9000 truck takes a 1996 MD 3060 PTO. The 1989 C8000 gets the 1989 Allison. An ’85 Ford takes the 1985 MT653 whereas the ’82 Ford takes the 1982 MT653. The 1997 F700 requires the 1997 AT545 and the ’86 F800 takes the 1985 MT653. The 1995 L8000 takes an MD 3060. Keep in mind that there may be variations or alternatives to these matches if approved by a certified Ford mechanic that specializes in trucks of this type.

Pricing and Purchase

As most of these PTOs were built in previous years and applied in past models, many of the specimens you find will be used. In a retail setting, the vast majority of related Allison PTOs can be found for $300 or less. While there are exceptions to this, those more steeply priced models usually do not exceed $500 or so. Before purchasing, contact your local Allison dealer and give them the specs that relate to your vehicle. They may have just what you need or provide you with helpful suggestions in isolating and procuring the PTO that is perfect for your Ford truck.