Alter Motorcycle Windshields

Motorcycle windshields canbe altered acording to the rider’s needs.

Motorcycle windshields are made from one of two different manufacturing materials, Lexan or Plexiglas. Plexiglas has approximately 3 percent of the impact resistance of Lexan and typically shatters on impact. Because of this, Plexiglas is not legal in many states for use as a motorcycle windshield. Lexan can be cut and formed very easily even at room temperature and, therefore, it is quite easy to modify the shape or height of a motorcycle windshield that is made with Lexan.


1. Determine how much of the windshield you wish to remove.

2. Trace the shield’s top outline onto the cardboard.

3. Cut the cardboard at the trace line.

4. Place a 2-to 4-inch-wide strip of blue masking take on the inside of the shield where the cut will be made.

5. Place the cardboard onto the windshield and trace the top outline onto the masking tape.

6. Place the windshield front side down onto the band saw table, using plastic or the used cardboard to protect the face.

7. Cut along the line, drawn on the masking tape, and remove the top piece of the windshield. The more care used in this step, the less sanding that will be necessary.

8. Using the 80-grit sand paper, begin sanding the top of the windshield; as this begins to smooth, switch to the 220-grit sand paper to achieve a very smooth, curved surface.

9. Use methyl ethyl keytone solvent on a soft cotton rag and wipe it carefully along the newly sanded top edge. This will turn the top edge clear. Be careful not to get any of the solvent on the windshield surface as this will create a blemish in the surface.