American Ironhorse Specifications

American IronHorse bikes have wide rear tires and narrow front tires.

American IronHorse was a motorcycle company founded in 1985 in Texas that ceased trading in 2008. The company made custom cruisers and choppers. The final lineup included the Slammer, the Texas Chopper, the Legend, the LSC, the Tejas and the Outlaw. The custom bikes sold for up to $40,000 each. American IronHorse motorcycles had narrow front wheels and tires contrasting with fat rear tires. The individual styling of the bikes was unusual, with long and narrow painted gas tanks as a feature and a rear fender that could hold the weight of a passenger.

Common Engine

All of the American IronHorse motorcycles share the same basic engine with 1,820 cubic centimeters (111 cubic inches) of displacement. Options of a 117-cubic-inch or 124-cubic-inch engine were also available.

The two cylinders are in a V-twin configuration, where each cylinder is arranged at an angle to the other. The cylinder valves are controlled by an overhead valves system using pushrods.

The bore and stroke of the engine is 4.1 by 4.1 inches, with bore being the diameter of the engine’s cylinder opening and stroke being the total distance the piston travels up and down. The S&S-brand engine has a compression ratio of 9.5-to-1; compression ratio is the ratio of the volume between the piston and cylinder head before and after a compression stroke. The engine is four stroke and air-cooled. The fuel induction is via a carburetor and the engine is electric start.


American IronHorse motorcycles use a belt final drive system to transfer engine power to the rear wheel, and have six manual gears. The wheels of the bikes are made of aluminum and are 21 inches in diameter in front and 18 inches in diameter in the rear. The tires are tubeless and are 90/90H R21 size in front and 240/40V R18 size on the back wheel.

The bikes’ front brakes are dual discs that are 11.5 inches in diameter with four caliper pistons, and the rear brake is a single disc, also with an 11.5-inch diameter and four caliper pistons.

The suspension of these custom choppers uses a telescopic fork in front and a twin-sided swingarm in the rear. The suspension is set for a rigid ride, and is not adjustable.

Performance and Styling

The last range of motorcycles produced by American IronHorse all produced 110 horsepower and 115 ft.-lbs. of torque, as they shared the same basic engine. The company offered custom finishes to buyers, which included choosing engine finishes, chrome accents and engine upgrades.