Anniversary Gift Ideas Matted Harleydavidson

A motorcycle can add a little edge to your married lifestyle.

When William Harley and Arthur Davidson built their first motorcycle in 1903, it probably wasn’t with the intention of it being an anniversary gift. But given the brand’s popularity and the number of women who ride, it could be a gift for either spouse. A matted Harley-Davidson lets you customize a gift just for your loved one.

Matted Paint

Matted paint jobs are those that have a dull finish. Though some people prefer the gleam of a polished bike with a normal paint job, others prefer the more subdued look of a matte finish. This kind of solid finish is monochrome, or a single color, and looks like the car has been primed for a final paint job that never came. The preference for a matte paint job may come from a simple desire not to maintain wax or polish or could be from the desire to emulate the look that Wall Street Journal blogger Jonathan Welsh described as “edgy.” The matte look became increasingly popular in cars and motorcycles around 2010, so Harley-Davidson responded to market demands by offering a number of bikes with that finish.

Dual Seats

Because this is a anniversary gift, you might want it to be a ride that both of you can take rides on together. Though many Harley-Davidson Dyna and Soft tail model lines come with seats that accommodate the rider and a passenger as a standard feature, some of the smaller models, such as the Sportster line, come with a single rider seat. You can always swap out the standard seat for a two-seater.


When selecting the model you want for your matte paint job, consider what your significant other will do with the bike. If she will just be riding around town, the smaller bikes of the Sportster line, such as the Iron, will fit the bill and cost less. However, if she’s the kind of person who will want to go for long rides with you on back, the bikes of the Dyna line will give her the extra engine power to maintain freeway cruising speeds with the extra weight.


Choose from a variety of accessories to put on your significant other’s bike. These can include matted black exhaust pipes to go with the matted paint job, instead of the usual chrome-plated ones; brown leather seat pads instead of the usual black, and a variety of custom pedals or handlebars to personalize your spouse‘s Harley. Depending on how skilled your spouse is on a motorcycle, you may also consider putting a pair of engine guards on the front of the bike. These mount in front of the engine so that if your spouse drops the bike, the weight of the bike will fall on the engine and leave space between the asphalt and the engine. Without these bars, inadvertent drops could lead to serious and costly engine repairs if the engine takes the brunt of the fall.