Apply For A Visa

It’s dangerous to enter another country illegally without having a visa. If the authorities catch you without it, you can end up in prison or deported.


1. Get an invitation letter and make sure that it indicates the purpose of your invitation.

2. Get a form from your local embassy and fill it out completely.

3. Sign your form and date it for future reference.

4. Read through your form at least two times to correct the mistakes. If there’s a mistake, correct it with some liquid paper.

5. Keep your form in a safe place and start looking for the supporting documents in order to convince the visa office.

6. Enclose your passport and completed form together with the following documents in one envelope: bank statement, land tittle (if available), birth certificate, marriage certificate (if married), letter of good conduct from your local interpol office, education certificates (if required or available), letter of recommendation from your employer or school.

7. Write your full name, contact address and telephone number on the back of the envelope.

8. Prepare for an interview if one is necessary. If it’s not, take your documents directly to the visa office and wait for the results.

9. If you’re denied a visa, appeal or apply again.