Apply Metal Tank Emblems To A Harley

Metal tank emblems are an easy way to customize your Harley.

Adding a metal emblem to the gas tank is a relatively easy way to add a little kick to your Harley, whether you’re going for an authentic, vintage look or simply customizing your bike to your own liking. Metal gas tank emblems are available in a wide variety of motifs. Add one of the various Harley Davidson logos, or personalize your bike with a sports team logo, your name, a meaningful symbol, or a custom-made design. Does this Spark an idea?


Remove the Old Emblem

1. Soften the existing emblem’s adhesive, if there is one that you want to remove, by running a blow dryer on high heat over it for a few minutes. Parking your Harley outside in the sun on a warm day can have the same effect. Heat guns are not recommended as their high heat can damage your motorcycle’s paint.

2. Slip a length of dental floss behind the emblem. Hold the floss tightly on each end and use a sawing motion to cut through the emblem’s adhesive.

3. Spray goo remover onto any adhesive that remains on the gas tank. Let it sit for a few minutes and wipe the adhesive off with a soft rag. This step may need to be repeated several times before all traces of adhesive have been removed.

4. Remove all traces of the goo remover with rubbing alcohol.

Attach the New Emblem

5. Position the new emblem on your gas tank, without using any adhesive. Hold it up to your gas tank and try it out in different positions until you have it right where you’d like it.

6. Wipe that area clean with rubbing alcohol, then use a pencil or blue painter‘s tape to mark the correct spot. Make sure there is no wax, dirt, grease or goo remover where you want to place the emblem, as any of these will cause the new emblem’s adhesive to not adhere properly.

7. Apply a moderate amount of adhesive to the back of the emblem. Use enough so that the emblem is held on securely, but not so much that adhesive oozes out from under the emblem and makes a mess.

Some emblems come with adhesive already applied under a peel-off backing. If this is the case with your new emblem, simply peel the backing off at this point, being careful not to touch the adhesive.

8. Position the emblem in the correct spot and press firmly. Hold in place for about ten minutes. Apply blue painter’s tape over the emblem to hold it in place on the gas tank for at least another 20 minutes while the adhesive cures.

For peel-off, self-stick emblems, ensure you have the emblem placed exactly where you want it, as you only have one chance to apply it. Press firmly and hold in place for 30 seconds.

9. Gently remove the blue painter’s tape after about 20 minutes. If any adhesive has oozed out onto your gas tank, use adhesive remover to carefully clean it off.