Appraise A Custom Built Motorcycle

You want to buy a custom-built motorcycle, but you aren’t sure how much to spend. You don’t mind paying for specialized work as long as you aren’t being overcharged. Use these tips to appraise a custom built motorcycle.


1. Calculate the amount of time the builder spent customizing the bike. The more detail and time that went into the bike, the higher the cost will be.

2. Determine the cost of the materials used in the bike. Find out if the creator used any special services to build the bike. You can expect to pay more for a bike if experts helped design or build the bike.

3. Check the bike against other similar motorcycles. You will pay more for a bike that is unique in some way. Some bikes cost more because they are rare and wanted by collectors.

4. Find out if any specific parts of the bike were custom designed. Look at the brackets, rims and covers. Your price will increase if these parts are custom-made.

5. Look at the amount of chrome the designer used in creating the bike. The price will change depending on how much chrome is used. Check the covers, accessories and hardware.

6. Pay attention to the paint job. The bike will cost more if it was custom-painted or airbrushed. Look at decals and designs when calculating the cost. You will pay more if the painting is done by an expert.

7. Ask about the bike’s engine. Look at the type of engine and the size. You will pay different prices depending on the size, make and power of the engine.

8. Find out who made the bike. You will pay less for a bike built at home by a novice. Bikes built by specialists like Orange County Choppers and Indian Larry are worth a lot of money.