Appraise A Used Jeep

Jeeps are 4-wheel drive vehicles made to go off-road and be abused. However, since not everyone treats them this way, you’ll find a wide spectrum of conditions and prices of Jeeps. It is your job as a smart consumer to find the actual value of your prospective Jeep while shopping.


1. Check out the car in person. Find out what kind of shape the frame and engine are in. Also make sure you are aware of the year, make and model of this Jeep. Pay close attention to added letters in the model. An XL model is different than an XV model and can complicate the appraisal process.

2. Search online and at car lots for similar Jeeps and find out how much they are selling for. You need to do a lot of inspection while looking, because while the year and make might be the same, mileage and overall condition of the Jeep can raise or lower the value. Research yours to make sure you have found a similar Jeep (see Resources below).

3. Look at, an automotive review website. This site should tell you what a good value for a Jeep in any condition should be. This website is quite comprehensive but does not go back to vehicles made before the 1980s (see Resources below).

4. Compare these finding with the Kelly Blue Book Value. This is considered the definitive text on automobile values. Compare these two websites to get an idea of a proper appraisal for the Jeep (see Resources below).

5. Read what people are saying about this model of Jeep. There are countless forums dedicated to Jeep owners. Here you will find out whether your specific car is a good deal or a bad one.