Appraise My Boat

Protect yourself and your buyer by appraising your boat prior to sale.

Enjoying the nautical life at your convenience is one of the pleasures of being a boat owner. If you’re planning to sell your vessel and upgrade to a newer model or simply want to make back some extra cash, you should first have it appraised. Appraisal benefits you as well as the seller, as it discourages haggling and unfair sale prices. Though most appraisals can be done with the help of an online guide, a marine surveyor can help ensure accuracy.


1. Obtain all of your boat‘s identification information. This includes manufacturer, model type, year of production, size, color and passenger capacity. Have your licensing, insurance and registration information on hand as well.

2. Perform a thorough physical inspection of your boat. Note all cosmetic damage, such as corrosion, water damage, scuffs and rips in fabric or upholstery.

3. Browse to the National Appraisal Guides website and look up your particular vessel. When entering your search terms, you will be asked about the mechanical and cosmetic condition of the boat. For accurate appraisal information, be as honest as possible during this step.

4. Contact a marine surveyor and schedule an appraisal appointment. Most boatyard stores, as well as fellow boaters, will be able to refer you to a marine appraisal company.

5. File the appraisal paperwork you receive from the surveyor in a safe location, or present it to prospective buyers.