Appraise Used Hummers

The used car market can vary depending on the car and many factors related to the car. A used Hummer is a prime example of a used car that exemplifies these factors. When an individual tries to appraise used Hummers, there is a specific market for these cars, and in order to appraise it properly, a person must consider these issues.


1. Visit Internet appraisal sites and enter in any relevant information about the Hummer into the website search function. These appraisals do not take into account upgrades to the Hummer or local market conditions. That is why these sites should only be on factor in attaining a proper appraisal. See the Resources section below for more information.

2. Look in the local paper and in auto magazine used Hummer advertisements to find comparable Hummers for sale. Make note of these prices for Hummers similar to the one you are trying to appraise.

3. Take the Hummer to at least one local Hummer car dealership for an appraisal. If you are attempting to purchase the Hummer, then ask the owner if you can take the car to the dealership for the appraisal. These dealers are most likely to have specific knowledge about the used Hummer and can give a more accurate appraisal. In addition, you should get a second appraisal from general dealership.

4. Appraise the used Hummer after you factor in the appraisals from the car dealerships, the Internet appraisals and what similar used Hummers are selling for in your area. The average of these three approximate appraisals should give you the most accurate appraisal available.