Archive High Definition Video

So you want to know archive high-definition video. Until they come up with a home-use Blu-Ray recorder, this will remain something that has to be done on the computer. DVDs do not recognize anything greater than 480p video quality, which is far below HD grade. With a a few quick steps, you can hook your HD satellite or cable box up to your computer for recording purposes.


1. Connect your HD receiver to your Canopus ADVC-HD50. The Canopus unit is a video converter, allowing your TV signal to be converted to one your computer can receive. The ADVC-HD50 allows HD video to be recorded to a computer with no loss. Find your HD receiver’s HDMI out port, which will be on the back of the receiver. This will be a long, flat output. Connect this to the HDMI in port on the ADVC-HD50.

2. Connect your ADVC-HD50 to your computer. Connect one end of your FireWire cord to the HDV out port on the Canopus unit. This is the only other port on the back of the ADVC-HD50 besides the HDMI. Find a similar-looking port on your computer, and plug the other end of the FireWire cord in there. If your computer does not have a FireWire port, you may need to install a FireWire card. These are readily accessible from electronics stores.

3. Plug in your ADVC-HD50 and boot up your computer. After the full boot up, your operating system will “discover” the Canopus unit, and it will be ready for use.

4. Prepare to record your video. Open up Windows Movie Maker by clicking your “Start” button, then “Programs.” Windows Movie Maker will either be in the main menu there, or under accessories. Open this up. Click on “Capture From Video Device,” and choose the only option that is available to you (which will be the Canopus unit). Name the file and place it i whatever folder you’d like. Save it in DV-AVI format.

5. Record your show. Start your show on the HD receiver, then press record on Movie Maker. When you’re finished, press “Stop” and close the program.