Are Turn Signals On Motorcycles Mandatory

Most U.S. states do not require turn signals on motorcycles.

State traffic laws vary on whether motorcycles are required to be equipped with turn signals, and whether motorcycle riders are required to use them. As of fall 2010, just 20 states require motorcyclists to use turn signals, though some states only require new motorcycles to have turn signals.

Older Motorcycles

Many states require only motorcycles manufactured after a certain year to have turn signals. Among the states with these requirements are Georgia (1972), Indiana (1956), Kansas (1973), Maine (1974), Nevada (1973), New Hampshire (1973), New York (1985), Ohio (1968), Oklahoma (2005), Oregon (1973), Texas (1960).


Some states have special requirements for motorcycle turn signals. New York requires that signal functionality be inspected. Also, turn signals are required to show amber in the front and either red or amber in the rear.


Eight states require all motorcycles, regardless of model year, to have turn signals. Those states are California, Florida, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin.