Assemble Fiveband Puzzle Rings

A puzzle ring is typically made up of several interlocking bands, which together form a single, larger ring. However, when you take them apart, it’s often difficult to put them back together. The odd-numbered rings can be some of the most challenging to put back together, so a five-band ring presents a fair challenge. There is, of course, a solution. It does help to find the numbers printed on the bands of the ring as well, so you know which ring is which.


1. Hold the fifth ring with the smooth top part of the band facing upward. The fifth ring is the center ring on the final ring. Bring the first ring up, next to the front of your ring.

2. Bring the second ring up and place it at the back of the ring. The two rings you have brought up should form a near circle shape around the center ring, when viewed from the top. These two outer rings are the outside rings when the ring is assembled.

3. Bring the third and fourth rings up and put them as close to each other as possible with your other hand. Rotate the two bands together to make them mesh together and form an X-shape with the other rings when viewed from above.

4. Push the fifth ring between the third and fourth rings, loosening the two just enough to fit the middle ring inside.

5. Spin the second band so the bumpy part of that band is on the inside of the ring itself. This should also be above the bumpy part of the first band. Pull the second band around and down to meet the main part of the ring.

6. Repeat with the first band of the ring. This should put the ring back together.