Ati Radeon Hd 3200 Specs

Look for casual games that won’t overextend your processor.

The ATI Radeon HD3200 is a graphics card found in notebooks. While it doesn’t possess the processing power of a dedicated graphics card, it’s sufficient for casual gaming and some older first person shooters such as “Doom 3” and “Quake 4.” It offers smooth playback of high-definition content; it was the first on-board video card capable of playing Blu-ray movies on a notebook.

Hybrid CrossfireX

The ATI Radeon HD3200 comes equipped with AMD’s Hybrid CrossfireX feature, which allows two graphics cards to work together. If you add a dedicated graphics card from the HD3400 series to your notebook, the two cards will work in Crossfire mode. Each card will render a different frame, increasing the speed and smoothness of the graphics.

UVD Video Engine

The HD3200 was the first on-board graphics card capable of smooth playback of Blu-ray movies. It accomplishes this through its Universal Video Decoder engine. ATI created UVD to ease the burden on a computer’s CPU that HD video creates. UVD is part of ATI’s AVIVO suite of HD video features.

Lineage & Directx10

With Directx10 capability, the ATI Radeon 3200 is compatible with games and applications created for Microsoft Windows Vista and 7. The core of the chip is based on ATI’s Mobility Radeon 2400 and continues its Directx10 compatibility, if not its processing power. You can add dedicated memory to the chip to make up the difference, but this might not be a cost-effective option when compared to the outright purchase of a dedicated graphics card.

Specs & Benchmarks

The ATI Radeon HD3200 has 40 pipelines, with both core and shader speeds clocked at 500 megahertz. It has 512MB of memory and is compatible with Directx10 and Shader 4.0. It contains 181 million transistors. It receives benchmark scores of 13 percent on 3D Mark 2001 SE, 3 percent on the 3DMark 03 test, and 7 percent on 3D Mark 05.