Ati Radeon Tm Hd 3200 Graphics Specs

The ATI Radeon HD 3200 is used in notebooks and tablet PCs.

The Radeon HD 3200 is an integrated graphics chip made by ATI/AMD. Integrated graphics chips are generally used for laptops and tablet PCs due to their smaller size and cannot be removed or upgraded easily like regular video cards. However, the HD 3200 series of chipsets are designed to provide high performance for both computing and gaming straight out of the box.


The 3200 HD was announced in April 2008 as part of the Radeon 3000 series. The memory type used is shared, and the maximum amount of memory is 512 MB. Its core and shader speeds are 500 MHz. The card has 40 unified pipelines and 181 million transistors.

Basic Features

The chipset uses a DirectX 10 graphics core, which allows game playability without an extra graphics card. It also integrates Avivo HD for full HD functionality. It supports a number of different display technologies and external storage devices. The chipset is also designed for optimal power saving with a low-power design, which conserves energy when idle.

Advanced Features

AMD OverDrive is a feature that allows the user to fully control and modify settings of the chipset. Its hybrid graphics technology allows discrete and integrated graphics to render at the same time. It features backwards compatibility for older computer models or processors. The chipset also supports up to four monitors at once if an external Radeon card is added.

Performance in Gaming

The HD 3200 is not optimal for serious gaming. It performs well only when the settings of the game are at their lowest. When tested with the popular title “World of Warcraft,” the graphics card displayed the game at 58.3 frames per second on low and only 5.8 fps on high.