Attach A Sidecar To A Harley

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary online, a sidecar is an attachment that is connected to the side of a motorcycle so an additional passenger can travel with the bike. Sidecars have been a part of the leisure motorcycle world for many years. However, the Motorvation website explains that locating sidecars — as well as a business that will attach one — can be a challenge. The majority of motorcycle owners and shops do not focus on sidecars. It is possible for an individual to install his own sidecar as long as certain steps are followed.


1. Research sidecars and be sure to purchase one that is designed for the specific Harley motorcycle. The Motorvation website explains that buying an older or ill-fitting sidecar is dangerous, so it is important to weigh the overall price, look, and safety. The Cycle Sidecar website explains that the individual will also need to purchase a universal mounting kit in order to install the sidecar.

2. Use the U-clamps from the universal clip to hold the frame so the space block can be inserted and screwed into place. The Cycle Sidecar website explains that the eyebolt should be slid through the spacer and then tightened. There will be two more points of the side of the motorcycle where the individual will need to use U-clamps in order to insert space blocks and eyebolts.

3. Loosen the two holding bolts on the front of the sidecar frame. The Cycle Sidecar website explains that a curved bar should be inserted into the sidecar frame and then re-tightened. Position the back clamp onto the back of the sidecar and tighten it.

4. Insert a sleeve over an eyebolt and then position the eyebolt into the back clamp on the rear portion of the sidecar. Tighten the eyebolt by using a nut. Remove the two eyebolts from the long struts and insert them into the front and rear holes in the frame of the sidecar.

5. Check that the sidecar is positioned next to the Harley. The Cycle Sidecar website explains the sidecar wheels should be 8 to 10 inches in front of the rear motorcycle wheel. Move the strut adjusting bolts to the eyebolts on each of the U-clamps before tightening them down.

6. Check all of the steps to make sure that the sidecar is attached correctly. The Cycle Sidecar website explains that the entire process should take the individual 4 to 5 hours.