Attach An Ipod To A Harley

Integrating an iPod to a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle is not complicated.

Harley-Davidson motorcycles are iconic machines that have spawned an entire movement of riders throughout the world. They form clubs, and go on extensive group rides together. Harley-Davidson is known for making strong, aesthetically-impressive motorcycles. Many of their larger bikes are equipped with full stereo systems, replete with FM radios, tape decks, and CD players. Integrating an iPod into the listening experience on a Harley should be done in the same way as an automobile: with a simple, affordable adapter.


Cassette Tape Adapter

1. Insert the cassette end of a cassette tape adapter into the tape deck on the Harley, if it has one.

2. Insert the headphone plug from the adapter into the iPod.

3. Press play on the tape deck.

4. Press play on the iPod, and operate it as you normally would.

FM Transmitter

5. Buy an FM transmitter if the bike does not have a tape deck but has a radio.

6. Find an unused FM radio station (one with lots of static).

7. Plug the transmitter into the iPod.

8. Tune the FM transmitter to the same station as the radio.

9. Press play on the iPod, and operate it as you normally would.