Attach Speakers To My Hdtv

Attaching speakers to a high definition television set isn’t like attaching them to your computer. You don’t attach speakers directly to the HDTV — rather, you connect them to a receiver, which then itself gets connected to your HDTV. The steps you will follow to connect these devices depend heavily on what type of speakers and what type of receiver you actually end up buying.


1. Attach speakers to your home theater receiver. The receiver is the device that processes the audio information from something like a DVD player, Blu-ray player or cable box and sends it out to the associated speakers for playing. If you’ve purchased something called a “home theater in a box”, you have a receiver and a set of speakers all in one package. If you’ve purchased speakers separately from your receiver, the speakers must still be connected to the receiver in order to play content from your HDTV. Your speakers will have come with the necessary speaker wire to connect them to the receiver.

2. Connect your audio/video source device to your receiver. A home theater receiver will have many of the same audio and video inputs (if not more) that are also found on the back of your TV. Connect a device like a DVD player or a Blu-ray player directly to the receiver the same way you would connect it to the back of your HDTV using the included video cables.

3. Connect your home theater receiver to your HDTV. If your receiver and your HDTV both have HDMI inputs, use an HDMI cable. This will result in the highest quality audio and video transfer from one device to the next. If you have no HDMI inputs on the receiver (all HDTVs have at least one), use component audio and video cables. Once your television is connected to your receiver, the speakers connected to the receiver will be connected to your HDTV as well.