Attach The Seat On A Chopper

Install a seat on your custom chopper.

A chopper is another name for a custom motorcycle with an extended front wheel, and whether you are replacing the stock seat that came with the bike when you purchased it or are installing your own seat on the bike, there are a few steps to ensure safety and comfort. Most choppers use a series of catch tabs to hold the seat onto the frame, and some may also utilize bolts or screws. The exact process to install a seat on your bike may vary slightly, but the overall procedure is the same across all makes and models of motorcycles.


1. Inspect the frame to locate the slots just below the base of the gas tank that are used to mount the catch tabs of the seat. When the seat is installed properly, the front of the seat will be locked in place and unable to move from side to side. Slot the tabs into the slots on the frame and ensure the seat is firmly attached before working on the rear.

2. Lower the back of the seat onto the frame of the chopper and push the entire seat forward slightly so that the catch tab on the back of the seat can slide into the mounting bracket. While pushing forward, also press downward on the rear of the chopper seat to lock it into place. Move the seat slightly in all directions to ensure the tabs are firmly locked.

3. Locate the thumb screw or bolt hole on the rear fender of the bike, or the frame. Use a screwdriver, socket set or wrench (depending on the seat and the frame) to attach the bolt or screw on the mounting bracket of the frame or fender, and tighten it so the seat can no longer move. Double check that the seat is installed properly by attempting to move it forcefully, then make any necessary adjustments.