Attend Harley Davidson 105th Anniversary Celebration

Harley 105th Anniversary Celebration Banner

It is finally here, Harley Davidson’s 105th Anniversary Celebration. You can dust off your motorcycle and make the journey to Milwaukee to show off your pride and joy. But thinking about it is only half the battle. Do not wait until the last minute and risk being disappointed on Labor Day weekend. With a little planning, you can be sure you will really be headed to Milwaukee to enjoy the Harley Davidson 105th Anniversary Celebration.


1. Go to the Harley 105th Anniversary Celebration website (see Resources). This will give you a good preview of the musical groups, entertainment, festivities, events, accommodations and ticket information.

2. Purchase tickets for everyone in your group if you are certain you will attend. There are some packages available for your consideration. You can find tickets on the Harley 105th website, through bike dealers or online at eBay or As the event date approaches, tune in to Milwaukee-area radio stations to try to win tickets. You can do this online if you live away from Wisconsin.

3. Plan your travel arrangements, including how long it will take you to get to Milwaukee and where you will stay once you get there. Allow enough time for stops and travel so you will not feel rushed. Have a map or GPS navigation system ready in case you are not familiar with the area. Make sure everyone in your party has walkie-talkies, cell phones or two-way radios so you can contact each other at any time.

4. Decide which events and musical groups you would like to see. Plan on attending the festival on those days. Arrive early—traffic will be heavy and there could be travel problems if you wait until later in the day. If you are attending with children, consider attending only until 6 p.m.

5. Get your bike ready. If you are trading in your bike, plan on doing that well in advance of the festival so your finances are straight and your Harley will be ready when you need it. Also, get used to riding it, as it may handle differently than your old bike. Make arrangements with non-Harley riders in your group for tow trailers to haul equipment and luggage as needed.